Welcome to Eiffage Canada 


Since the creation of Innovative Civil Constructors Inc. (ICCI) we have been in a “forward motion“. Building, strengthening and enhancing our brand and our business line.

Eiffage stands out in France and around the world for its exceptionally wide range of skills and technical expertise. The Group’s business activities are focused on the construction industry, real estate development, civil engineering, metallic construction, road construction, energy and concessions.These interlocking areas of expertise enable the Group to tackle extremely ambitious projects. Eiffage supplies highly complex, prestigious engineering structures as well as carrying out renovation projects in strict compliance with traditional techniques. Eiffage has often been a trailblazer in tackling the challenges of its time. This culture of constant innovation, commitment and expertise among the Group’s 64,000 employees is reflected in the quality of the 100,000 projects carried out every year, all over the world.

Eiffage Canada specializes in concrete structure rehabilitation, new bridge construction, bridge jacking, steel member repair, expansion joint replacement and complete structure replacement. Additional projects include hydroelectric facilities, pedestrian bridges and specialized formwork within infrastructure. We also offer a wide range of schedule and value engineering solutions.

Based out of Burlington Ontario Canada, Eiffage Canada utilitizes the synergy between companies to competitively tender and complete projects based on the client’s high expectations for quality work.

While Eiffage Canada is a relatively young enterprise, it has an impressive resume of completed projects across Canada. Clients include the Ministry of Transportation Ontario, Alberta Transportation, Parks Canada, New Brunswick Department of Transportation, Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation BC and the St. Lawrence Seaway Authority.

With a mobile work force that will travel across the country to participate in the construction of any assignment and the ability to share resources amongst the companies, Eiffage Canada is the perfect fit for our clients. 

As of October 2017 Eiffage SA owns 100% of  Innovative Civil Constructors Inc. (ICCI) and Eiffage Innovative Canada Inc. (EICI) – EIFFAGE CANADA