Eiffage Canada contact for Health and Safety: Cathy Simmons, Health and Safety Manager  email:  cathy.simmons@eiffage.com    tel:  587-400-9537

An employer’s first duty is to ensure that employees enjoy safe, comfortable working conditions. Employees’ physical and mental well-being is an absolute priority for us. Eiffage Canada is committed to achieving excellence in Health and Safety both on, and off the job.

To consistently achieve our goal of zero injuries / incidents,  an effective occupational  Health and Safety program has been developed and implemented. Workers and employers must share the responsibility for occupational health and safety. At Eiffage Canada, we have the full commitment of senior management, with the cooperation, and endorsement of all employees. The purpose of the program is to provide a work environment which is safe, and productive, and one where all employees can work without fear of harm, or injury.

Eiffage Canada’s Health and Safety program is based on the Internal Responsibility System. All employees agree to undertake ownership, accountability, and responsibility, for the success of the program. Each of us has a duty to our fellow workers to work safely, and look out for one another. We also have duty to continuously improve, and promote health and safety within the workplace and at home.

Eiffage Canada holds a Certificate of Recognition ( COR ) in 7 provinces and 1 territory: Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and Yukon. Our Health and Safety standards meet, or exceed all government regulations in the provinces in which work.  “ Safety  First “,  is just responsible business practice.

Accident Prevention 

The prevention of work accidents is a core component of our company. Work-accident prevention takes different forms depending on the specific characteristics of our Projects.

  • Tool box talks
  • Sharing of best practices by site managers
  • Meeting of all employees of an entity, at which all aspects of health and safety are examined
  • Development of new working methods
  • Optimization of safety equipment
  • Continuous training for all employees

Health and Safety Policy Statement 

Eiffage Canada is committed to the Health and Safety of our workers, the environment, our subcontractors/visitors and the communities in which we operate. Eiffage Canada will comply with all applicable health, safety, environmental regulations and standards. The policy will not take precedence over applicable government legislation which Eiffage Canada accepts, and which all workers should be familiar with. Management is committed to maintaining a safe and productive work environment and will strive to eliminate any hazards, which would result in personal injury/illness or property/equipment damage.

It shall be the responsibility of all managers and supervisors to demonstrate performance standards and best practices through their own actions as role models. They will be held accountable for ensuring a healthy and safe work environment of all workers, subcontractors and visitors present at the work site. All workers, subcontractors and visitors have an individual obligation to comply with all applicable government legislation and industry and company standards.



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