Since the mid-19th century when the Eiffage story began, the Group’s growth and reputation have been built on a set of values and on commitments made to its employees, partners and clients. At Eiffage, we believer in performance based on integrity and ethical conduct, making us a trustworthy partner and a contractor of choice for our clients.

Eiffage Canada Code of Ethics (download pdf)

Eiffage Ethics and Commitments (download pdf)

Eiffage Charter of Values and Mission Statement (download pdf)

Eiffage Charter of Purchasing Commitments (download pdf)


To contact the Compliance Officer 

Devin Khuu HR Coordinator

Telephone:  905.637.0004   ext 501


Mail:  Compliance Officer 3455 Landmark Road Burlington ON L7M 1T4  “Private and Strictly Confidential”