Innovative Civic Constructors Inc.

Innovative Civil Constructors Inc.


Innovative Civil Constructors Inc.

Heavy Construction Contractors | Civil Construction | Bridge Construction

ICCI is a heavy construction contracting company incorporated in 2011 with a large portfolio of civil construction. As civil and heavy construction contractors with over 90 years of senior infrastructure, rehabilitation, and construction experience across Canada, we specialize in concrete structure rehabilitation, new bridge construction, bridge jacking, waterproofing and rehabilitation projects.



Eiffage is a leading figure in the European concessions and public works sector, operating through five business lines.

  • Concessions and public-private partnerships (PPPs)
  • Construction
  • Public Works
  • Energy
  • Metal
  On June 24, 2014  ICCI announced that it has sold 70% of its enterprise to the European leader. The affiliation to the Eiffage group represents a new opportunity for development, and growth in North America.  

Eiffage Innovative Canada Inc.

Structural Steel | Earthworks | Roadway Construction

Eiffage Innovative Canada Inc. provides essential services for public, private, and government clientele. We offer a range of schedule and value engineering solutions to meet the diverse needs of our client base. Our structured problem solving process is optimized by crafting a mix of performance, function analysis, and costs. Our skillful team will identify, and remove, unnecessary expenditures, increasing value for our customers.